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So now that we're done with the holidays I'm roasting up my turkey. My boyfriend didn't want turkey while he was here and this morning, now that he's gone home, I was telling Chloe I'd roast the bird today.

Chloe: Is it REALLY cannibalism to eat turkey? Because I really want turkey!

It turns out that he had told her he refused to eat it because he wasn't a cannibal. And she sort of missed or compounded the joke.

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She just asked me:

"If I read my book, while standing on my head, and the book is the normal way up, would I see it upside down?"

And people wonder why kids have different views of the world...

We went to the zoo. Totally different experience going this week, without the classroom of kids pretending it ain't cool to be at the zoo anymore and ENJOYING it. This time we got to giggle at the gorilla juggling the baby, the macaques capering for the cameras, the wolf chasing a magpie around it's enclosure, the peacocks telling the toddlers off, the cats sprawled out like any other cats (except, you know, for the 1.5m difference in length and 10 cm claw flexes), the otters arguing over fish heads and all the rest.

There was this huge thing in the butterfly garden that I have no idea what the HECK it is:

Really Big Butterfly

There were scads of weird looking caterpillars and other stages of bug around the garden.

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Spend 3 hours flipping a giggling 70 pound 9 year old over in the pool.

It was hot, muggy and kind of hazy today (for Calgary!) so we headed on over to the closest pool and library. AKA: air conditioning.

When we got out there was a thunderstorm coming in and the barometer was dropping fast enough you could FEEL your ears pop. Which meant getting home was much more pleasant than getting there! Score!

In the other news, the Etsy experiment is off to a good start. I started listing beads mid April with the goal of listing 50 items as an experiment (that's $10 bux for the initial budget). So far, I've listed 48 items and 19 have sold.  Not too shabby. If I can sell half of what I list, regularly, then that's excellent. Since the majority are items from my older stock or items I was making for fall shows, so far I haven't had to bump up the production or materials... just the photo taking. ack. I have not yet gotten any complaints about shipping prices (knock on wood).

Feel free to take a peek at my Etsy beads: http://tooaquarius.etsy.com

The other thing it's helped is with the culling the bead collection. I've been sifting the bags of beads for what would be sellable on Etsy and pitching older, unsold, gimped items as I go. This fall, prices are getting raised on everything and I do not want to bring older, amateur stock along to show. Simple is fine - I love simple beads - but the amateur stuff or the stuff that hasn't sold in 3 years is not going back.

My displays are starting to come together, the stock is beginning to fall into neater 'lines'. I'm optimistic about it all which is a good spot to be in.

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This Saturday was my second last show before the fall - it was fabulously well organized, fairly well attended, lots to do... and sales were abysmal. Not sure what's up with that! Perhaps there was too much other fun stuff to do to distract people from buying? Anyways, it was a good outing type day, and since it was a community show there were some garage sale items and social action stuff so I scored a few things, talked to some of the charity folks and hung out with friend-vendors. The kid of one vendor we keep running into was there so Chloe was busy the WHOLE DAY.

Father's Day is always awkward - my parents divorced when I was five and Chloe's dad has never been involved much in her life. I always encourage her to make / get cards for the men in her life (as I do for the women, on Mother's Day) to spread the joy around and sorta normalize things. But they had the Extra Special Art Project this year. *grin* I told her we'd keep it since it was so much work!

You can see a few pics of us, the weekend, the crafty fair on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tooaquarius/

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When did five pounds of clay become a small stack from the sale at Michaels? That's about what I got and then got home to realize I had missed a few colours. oops.

At least I didn't need to get a new Makins extruder - someone with stronger hands than me fixed mine (yay). This weekends canes will be bugs and extruder canes, I think.

What do you tell newbies who are thrilled at the prospect that they could make 100s a month selling THEIR clay creations? (like I do) 'cause the second I mentioned the 100s they don't listen to 'before overhead & supplies' bit.

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My guy bought me a bench grinder to buff my pieces with. His sister, I guess, was trying to give him hints on gifts or trinkets and suggested flowers.

Thanks, I'll take the bench grinder over the roses pretty much any day.

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We spent the long weekend in southern Saskatchewan hanging out at my boyfriends place. I brought a tub of clay stuff to do since I heard he had house things to do and the nice boy conditioned all my ugly hard fimo and made blends. The end result is I have a LOT of canes, though some of them, not so hot.

I took clay over to a friends house there while the boys played in the dirt and Chloe ran with the local herd of kids. I do believe that we have a few polymer clay converts though I did catch some flak for showing them the stuff when they can't buy ANY OF IT locally. oops.

It was an exhausting weekend overall and I completely forgot to take ANY pictures. Must take pictures. I swear it is a whole different world there.

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Before I go list a bunch of new stuff I notice that the Claychicks store on Etsy has 100 items sold! Yay! The first big milestone. Hopefully the next 100 goes a little quicker (ie: we don't take six months off in the middle).

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Looks like I applied far too late to the Lilac Fest as a jewelry vendor - and there is no way I would have enough non jewelry stock to do a show that size by end of May - so that ones a no-go. Too bad, it would have been my first outdoor show and my first Big One.

On the bright side, I guess I got found by some people with crafty mad money. In the first full month of open and stocked, my web shop got a couple hundred bux of orders which is a Good Thing. Less fees that way - really, the only cost is the time it takes to photo the damn canes and I do that already for my own records anyways - and if it stays that busy, it'll rock.

The Claychicks on Etsy got re-launched this month. I finally buckled down and set up my Tooaquarius on Etsy. Both have had some success since then! You can see some of the pictures from my recent work on either of the Etsy shops or on either one's Flickr: http://claychicks.etsy.com / http://www.flickr.com/photos/claychicks/ or http://tooaquarius.etsy.com / http://www.flickr.com/photos/tooaquarius

As I work through photographing steps for various tutorials and written materials I am coming up against the limitations of my equipment and setup. Really, I live in a small economy apartment so to work on a second project the first ideally needs to be completely cleaned up. There is very little room to have more than one station going at a time - either cane making, bead making, item photographing, tutorial photographing, etc. The camera I have is fine for little web snapshots (well, for little amateur web snapshots) but is not going to cut it to make print pictures.

It's a bit funny - some success seems to breed issues just as fast as a lack of it!

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